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H ere is some great advice on how to be a good PA from “The Production Assistant’s Pocket Handbook.”


SWIFT: Traversing space or performing movements in a brief period of time. Acting with readiness. Prompt. … Run to your car. If someone asks for a 3/8-inch bolt, say “No problem,” and leave at a brisk gallop. Don’t ask what it’s for, or what it is, or where to get it. Just leave and find a Grip to help you.

TACTFUL: A quick or intuitive appreciation of what is fit, proper, or right. Skill in avoiding what would offend or disturb. Considerate. Basically knowing when to keep your mouth shut and smile, and when to add a bit of valuable input. When to be where you’re needed, and when to leave when you’re in the way.

AWARE: Conscious. Cognizant. Alert and informed. Always pay close attention to how you are affecting others. Read the call sheets so you know what is supposed to be happening. When things get hectic, take a deep breath and don’t panic.

RESOURCEFUL: Capacity for finding or adapting. Skill or ingenuity in meeting any situation. Versatile, and devious. Try to think of solutions to problems, even if they are not yours. Carry a Swiss Army knife, have a good hat, backup power and a rain slicker.

Bethany Meckle

Bethany Meckle

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