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From working with directors to crafting a look, our cinematography panelists answered questions about this technical landscape. Spencer Weaver, William Hellmuth, and Evan Bourcier joined us for a live panel in the Film Career Community group to answer your questions regarding cinematography.


00:00 – Opening and Introductions
05:00 – How to be a good DP
15:00 – Director/DP relationships and communication
30:00 – Prepping a location you haven’t scouted
36:00 – Tools and apps to use while planning ahead for lighting
43:00 – One man bands
44:00 – Making a bland location cinematic and working with uncontrollable lighting
53:00 – What do you do to market yourself?
58:00 – Recommended resources


The Film Career “Live Panel” is a production of Motion University.

Bethany Meckle

Bethany Meckle

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