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D o you have a passion for filmmaking but just aren’t sure how to make a living? Are you unsure of the next steps to take to build your business? These are questions all filmmakers face . . . even if it was years ago.

For John-Clay Burnett (co-founder of Motion University), he loved telling stories. From LEGO stop action movies in PowerPoint, to running through the woods with friends making short films, he knew filmmaking was what he wanted to do long-term. Just for fun, here’s a link to one of his first films!

John-Clay says, “I realized that I needed to make a living, but I also wanted to do what I loved. I looked around at my options. There was film school, of course, so I considered that route.

“Before I took the plunge, I asked a producer friend. He said to me, “Most people who go to film school have to start at the bottom as PA’s, just like everybody else. What sets you apart is the ability to demonstrate the kind of work you can do.” He encouraged me to make projects, get review, and refine my skills.

“From 2001-2004, I interned at a company, making a five-minute corporate video every month. I used their gear, consulted mentors, and met deadlines (barely!). When it seemed time for me to move on, I took the money I had saved and started my own freelance company in 2005.”

In the fourteen years since John-Clay started his business, he’s worked on seven feature films, four feature documentaries, directed hundreds of interviews, and created promotional films for many organizations. Here is a recent promotional film he did for the ALERT Academy:

John-Clay says, “I’m grateful for the fact that I can make a living while doing what I love!

“I built the film course that I wanted when I was getting started. In Motion University’s online course, I love coaching filmmakers through the entire process that I use to make promos (and money!) today.

“I truly believe you can build a career in film, and you don’t need film school to do it. I believe this because I am living proof. So, the question is, are you ready to make filmmaking more than a hobby?”

Registration for the Motion University course closes on August 31st. Visit our website to help grow your career today!

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Hannah Bartlett

Hannah Bartlett

Hannah Bartlett is the CXO for Motion University. She enjoys exercising both the right and left sides of her brain, working in the creative and logistics side as she supports those around her, and shares the passion of making film a career, not just a hobby.

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