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In this video, Seth Rice shares why it is important to have hobbies outside of your industry. Follow along as we discuss the benefits hobbies can have in your work and your life.

SETH: One of the big things though about this kind of work that I think we often forget is that to develop these kinds of connections with people, you actually have to have a life outside of film, have interests, have connections, have friendships with people who aren’t in the film world.

I think that everybody who’s in this industry should have at least a really serious hobby, if not another side job in another space, not for financial reasons necessarily, but just to kind of get out of their own circle, comfort zone, echo chamber, however we want to call it and to develop some of those connections with other people.

I think it does a lot for your skill as a storyteller to hang out with people who aren’t constantly geeking out about movies and films, because we tend to get in this echo chamber where we see something really clearly and the rest of the world just doesn’t get it because it has no bearing on their life.

I think that’s why a lot of filmmakers sometimes struggle to connect with their audiences, because they make something that connects with them as a filmmaker, but not with the rest of the world, because we’re both talking English, but we’re speaking a different language.

Bethany Meckle

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