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Stonewall Farms Brand Film

How do you create a video that helps your client stand out from the sea of other options? How do you tell a story that will connect with their target audience? Those were some of the questions we had to ask when approaching this film we produced for a Minnesota wedding venue.

In our new, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at this project, you will hear from the director and producer, see project moodboards, planning documents, contracts, and how we found a way to cut through the noise and create a film that accomplishes the client’s goals!

Learn more at…/on-the-job-master…/

Let’s just say . . . a setting sun, a horse and carriage, a drone, AND lots of lights can make for a challenging scene! 😉 We had lots of adventures working with Stonewall Farms, but ultimately, the goal of this project was to make a film that would speak to the client’s audience.

Throughout the entire process – from pre-production to post – our job was to figure out how to communicate to that audience in a way that was not only engaging, but also story-driven and cinematic! In our recent “On the Job Master Collection” you can see the client conversation notes, moodboards, storyboards, and filming schedule, plus extensive behind the scenes footage and interviews with the director and producer.

This collection is designed to help you learn and refine your filmmaking process and learn how to create cinematic films that serve your clients and engage your audience!

Learn more on our website:…/on-the-job-master…/

Bethany Meckle

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