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Writing great story starts with knowing your hero.

Before you start writing your story, ask – Who is my hero?

Your answers to these questions don’t have to be world-changing. The answers just have to be world-changing for your character. It has to matter to them. What’s the difficulty they are facing? What’s their goal? What happens if they fail? Why do these things matter? If you can answer these questions, you make a more compelling film. You should be able to put it into one sentence. Next, consider these seven things relating to your hero’s desire:

  1. The desire must be visible. They can’t just say they want success…what does success look like for them? Make it tangible. How do they know when they have achieved success?
  2. The desire must have a clearly implied point. The audience needs to know where the finish line is, how will they know what to root for? How will they know what they’re hoping will happen?
  3. Your hero must desperately want the desire. If your main character is only mildly interested in achieving their outer motivation, how can you expect the audience to care whether they win this or not?
  4. Your hero must actively pursue the desire. How can we root for someone who takes no action?
  5. It must be within your hero’s power to achieve the desire. It can’t be unattainable.
  6. Your hero must put everything on the line to achieve the desire. The more passionate, determined and courageous your hero is in pursuit of their quest, the greater the audience’s own emotional involvement and the greater their excitement when they succeed.
  7. Your hero’s desire must be resolved at the climax of the film.

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