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W e are thrilled to present to you the 2019 Student Film!

After each of the 3 student teams pitched their project to the “client” (Hope Family Insurance), the one was chosen that best fit the needs of the company. The students then had roughly 36 hours to plan, shoot, and edit their project.

Everyone did a fantastic job, and really owned their roles! Each student was passionate about making this project come to life through his or her department – we’re so proud of them and all the work they put into it.

So without any further ado . . . here is the 2019 Student Film!


Director: Leah Rose Fisher
1st Assistant Director: Charity Ann
Director of Photography: Jayden Peterman
1st Assistant Camera: Daniel Sumey
Gaffer: Zackary Miele
Production Designer: Hudson Ludy
Location Sound: Micah Derksen

Hannah Bartlett

Hannah Bartlett

Hannah Bartlett is the CXO for Motion University. She enjoys exercising both the right and left sides of her brain, working in the creative and logistics side as she supports those around her, and shares the passion of making film a career, not just a hobby.

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