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At the academy we really want to focus on helping the students to get practical, real-life experience with film production. As a part of that, we give the students a challenge to create their own commercial from scratch!

This year they were given the creative brief to make a commercial for Pilot G2 pens, focusing on the importance of not loosing the connection to physical writing, and the connection to reality and relationship that it brings.

Drumroll please . . . presenting, the 2016 Academy Student Film! Each and every one of our students did an amazing job:


Over the coming months we’ll be releasing more behind-the-scenes content from the academy, so stay tuned!


Directed by:
Benjamin Wilson

Courtney Gilbert
Hannah Kenney

Aaron Potter
Hannah Huwe

Caleb Gehrke

Logan Miller
Micah Versemann

Bethany Meckle

Bethany Meckle

Content Curator

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