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It can be easy to make a promo video that is driven primarily by the interview dialogue. While the interview is an important element of the promo, the visuals are what draw in a viewer. This week we are looking at a question from a student about how to create a visually driven video.

STUDENT QUESTION: How do you create visually driven videos?

ANDREW: A lot of times when I do promos, the interview is really on-screen just enough to establish who it is talking or to show when you say something important. 

A screenwriter said, “You should never have narration except where you wouldn’t have to have narration,” and fits, so you want to shoot a promo that would work without any interview, if you can. In a way, it still would make sense if it was just a montage video.

You want to shoot a promo that would work without any interview. Click To Tweet

Having the interview is driving the narrative, and it makes it a whole lot better, but at the same time you don’t want it to be basically an interview with a few shots put in.

When videos are auto-loading on Facebook, they don’t have audio. So having something visually compelling is important because you’re not going to hear what they’re saying, unless you’re adding text on the screen. So that is something to keep in mind in the modern times that we live in with auto-playing videos. 

Essentially, the interview becomes just another part of the b-roll to show the person.

Bethany Meckle

Bethany Meckle

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