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LEAP: Character Challenge Adventure Park

The Motion University team, led by Andrew & Hannah Bartlett, made an adventure promo film for the Character Challenge Adventure Park in 2017. Our film crew had cameras in the trees and with jumpers on ropes, and our cinematographer even rode down a zip line while filming!

The goal of the film was to bring the feeling of adventure while overcoming fear and finding courage. The visuals of the tall Minnesota pines, high ropes courses, and adventurous actors brought this film together, coupled with the work of a diligent team!

But before all the adventure, there was a lot of pre-production that went into this project. From studying this brand and their audience to crafting a storyline that was compelling and action-packed.

In our recent “On the Job Master Collection” you can see the client conversation notes, moodboards, storyboards, and filming schedule, plus extensive behind the scenes footage and interviews with the director and producer.

This collection is designed to help you learn and refine your promotional filmmaking process and learn how to create cinematic films that serve your clients and engage your audience.

Learn more here.

Bethany Meckle

Bethany Meckle

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