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M any people can feel nervous answering questions in front of a camera. This week we are looking at a question from a student about how to help an interviewee feel comfortable.

STUDENT QUESTION: What are some ways to make a nervous interviewee feel at ease?

ANDREW: There was one lady that we interviewed for a promo. She was so nervous, because there was this one point where she was on a news interview and totally botched it. They aired the worst clip of her, so it totally ruined her confidence in being on camera. 

Just understanding where they’re at and realizing the fact that they’re super nervous, and let them know this is not a news interview. We can totally edit anything, and you can say it again. We’ll just use the stuff that makes you and the company look the best. 

Just understanding where they're at and realizing the fact that they're super nervous, and let them know this is not a news interview. Click To Tweet

Then I think it kind of depends on the person, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a no-no to show them the screen. I wouldn’t let them watch through what they said, because everybody is always way more critical of themselves than everyone else is going to be. I still turn the monitor and show it to them or something. I don’t think that would necessarily be a problem.

Just try to do whatever you can to make them comfortable, and not have a ton of people all around watching them. Some people can be really self conscious when everyone’s watching them and they are trying to talk on camera, especially if they already feel like they’re struggling.

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